Beasley Doodles & Poodles

Putting quality puppies in quality homes

       Sires & Dams

     A good selection of healthy and attractive sires and dams is what makes great puppies possible. I always pay attention to the fine points when picking out a dog to add to my breeding program and never buy a puppy without seeing the parents. If the selection happens to be unsuitable, as it was with Shadow, I find them suitable homes that can accommodate their needs. I don't euthanize for convenience, neither dogs nor puppies. As there is a place for every person, there is a place for every dog or puppy.

     My dogs retire at about 5-6 years old depending on how many litters they have produced. Usually 3-4 warrants a nice long retirement. No dog should be made to stay in a cage its whole life and spit out one litter after another until it dies. I place my dogs in good homes to live out the rest of their lives in an easy domestic setting. All my dogs are housebroken and obedient so they transition well into their retirement homes. I wouldn’t even get rid of them if space wasn’t an issue; I respect what my dogs do for me.